Branding and design for financial business

Bishopsgate Financial

Case Study

The Client

Bishopsgate Financial are a consulting form specialising in delivering change management within the financial services sector. We started working with them on a rebrand that would differentiate them from their corporate competition and show them as new and innovative.

The Challenge

Financial consulting and recruitment is a crowded, competitive market. To stand a chance of being considered for bids and new projects, it’s no longer enough just to have a talented team and a collection of awards. Your company needs to look and feel fresh and up to date too, which is why we advised a new identity that would position them as new, fresh and innovative.

The Solution

In a sector awash with blue and grey, we designed a green logo with a bold typeface to show individuality and strength. The full rebrand extended to us working on all their print collateral and also their digital presence, including social media and a microsite to showcase their new corporate annual report which we also produced.

Full rebrand that stands out

Full Company Rebrand and Positioning
A new logo, colour palette and font set made up a fresh brand bible for Bishopsgate Financial.

Full Business Creative
Delivered fonts, stationery, digital marketing assets and creative campaigns to support the company’s promotional campaigns.

Data Capture Microsite
Annual report microsite that complemented the new branding and also the annual report design.

The Result

The refresh gave Bishopsgate Financial a new lease of life and repositioned them with positive effect in the market. The new marketing collateral and annual report gave them a voice and leadership within their field and put them in front of new clients and prospects.

Bishopsgate Financial