Social Media Consultancy for an International Firm


Case Study

The Client

CBRE Group, Inc. is the leading international commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world, with over 450 offices worldwide, providing services in more than 100 countries.
CBRE approached HoneyBe Creative to help develop the firm’s social media presence in the UK and to cement the positioning of social media for key stakeholders within the company.

The Challenge

Delivering a clear and focused social media strategy can be challenging, especially when you’re an organisation with over 75,000 employees, operating in distinct locations across the globe for diverse audiences.
One of the key challenges was advising key stakeholders, including board members and directors, how best to use social media to deliver their communications strategy, both internally and externally.

The Solution

HoneyBe Creative acted as consultants to CRBE, advising on their social media communications, platforms and analytics.
Achieving buy-in and support at a senior level would be crucial to the success of this project and CBRE’s social media output, which is why we identified direct training as a key requirement.
We provided training and ongoing support for board members and company directors in how to effectively utilise social media, focusing particularly on LinkedIn.

This took place over a series of training courses, as well as more dedicated one-to-ones, in which we provided custom, bespoke tutorials and advice.

We also helped to establish CBRE’s LinkedIn presence in the UK. As part of our consultancy service, we handled LinkedIn communications directly, whilst providing support and advice to the wider digital marketing team.

Established CBRE’s UK social media presence

Social Media Consultancy
Provided advice and support across all social media activity, ensuring best practice across the in-house digital marketing team and delivery of an effective social media strategy.

LinkedIn Training
Bespoke training courses and one-to-one sessions, designed to engage stakeholders, demonstrate the value of social media and empower them to use it effectively.

Creative Social Media Campaigns
Devised and distributed engaging social media content that formed the foundation of CBRE’s presence on LinkedIn in the UK.

The Result

Our training helped engage senior members of staff and demonstrated the business value of social media. Since then, social media has become a crucial part of CBRE’s marketing strategy in the UK. The UK-specific LinkedIn page now has over 35,000 followers and is an active platform for both internal and external communications.