Facebook and Data Changes

Facebook and Data Changes

Based on Facebook’s announcement referring to data access on April 4, 2018, it was revealed that changes were coming for all third-party social apps that integrate Facebook and Instagram, including main players like Hootsuite and Sprout Social.

These types of scheduling tool are an embedded part of most social media agencies, and as such, any changes can have an impact on the day-to-day management of social media accounts.

The recent changes, although on the face of it minor, actually impact greatly on brand posts we make using 3rd party tools. As such, at this time we can no longer:

  • Mention a Page on Facebook
  • Mention a Page as a Branded Sponsor on Facebook
  • Track competitors on Facebook

Going forward, as of the 30th April we will no longer be able to:

  • Like Instagram posts
  • Comment on Instagram posts
  • See your followers on Instagram
  • Follow or unfollow on Instagram

One could say that this is a change made by Facebook as a way to be seen to be acting quickly in light of the recent data scandal. I would like to think that given time, and trust of certain platforms, functionality will start to open up again rather than be locked down or removed.

For now, we’ll be moving all management activity to Facebook directly when we need to action posts with mentions, etc. We’ll also be keeping an eye on developments by both Facebook / Instagram, and by the 3rd party apps we use.