Last Christmas we were asked by a client of ours to help with an offline print campaign. We, of course, were happy to do this, but when we found out the costs involved we asked if they’d considered a digital campaign instead. Having always gone with the more traditional print route every year, they were hesitant to move to a fully digital campaign.

Once we’d run through the campaign with them and explained the benefits, they were all for it. Add to the fact we managed to take a £1,200 campaign and get a higher engagement rate for a £25 ad spend, well let’s just say that was music to their ears!

In this post we explain why transferring your print campaigns online can be a huge benefit to your business. We also look at why PR can also benefit your business more than a traditional print ad.

Why use social media and social media advertising?

Low cost: Advertising through social media platforms is inexpensive compared with many offline platforms.

Broad reach and targeted focus: One of the key drivers—and advantages—of social media advertising over traditional advertising is its reach. Reaching your audience, and more importantly, targeting and focusing on the right kind of prospect has become much easier compared with many of the “shotgun” approaches you have to take just to get a 1% to 2% return offline.

Easy sharing: Your message gets a second life when it’s shared with others in their circles, and sharing on social media and the Web is almost effortless.

Real-time analysis: With traditional forms of media, real-time analysis of the impact of an ad campaign is almost impossible, and even if it is done, it’s done in the long-term. Conversely, measuring the efficacy of advertising through social media can be done almost instantaneously.

Instant: Unlike print, social media and online advertising can be far more reactive and timely than print which has lead times.

Why Use PR?

Credibility: People in your target market may see editorial as an independent and objective evaluation of your company. Due to the perceived objectivity of editorial coverage, PR is said to hold more credibility than other forms of marketing communication. In short, editorial coverage is trusted more than running an advertisement.

Cost Effectiveness: Public relations can be less expensive than other forms of paid communication, even if you hire an external agency rather than performing this task in-house. Whilst you are paying for the services of a PR specialist, what you’ re achieving in the way of media coverage and changes in public perception may have otherwise cost you much more.

Exposure: Media coverage achieved through PR is likely to be more extensive than that which you would achieve through advertising, given a similar budget.

Next steps

If you’ve traditionally used print advertising for your business and are thinking of moving to online advertising, get in touch and we’ll explain how we can help you make that move.