Rebrand for a leading software supplier

The Client

Software Solved are one of the UK’s leading bespoke software development experts. They provide tailored system support and development for mid-size and large businesses throughout the country. At the time, they were called MSM, and engaged HoneyBe Creative to review both their brand and their website.

The Challenge

Bespoke software is a crowded, competitive market. To stand a chance of being considered for bids and new projects, it’s no longer enough just to have a talented team and a collection of awards. Your company needs to look and feel fresh and up to date too, which is why we advised a new identity that highlighted their service and proposition, as well as a fully responsive website that positioned them at the forefront of their industry.

The Solution

In order to really understand MSM’s business, their identity and their core values, we worked in-house for a period of time. This helped us develop a strong, collaborative approach, encouraging creativity between us and the client and resulting in a unique client-agency relationship. The result was a full rebrand that highlighted the four distinct service offers, implemented through a new website, social campaigns and brand kit.

Full rebrand that stands out

Fully Responsive

Design that fitted Software Solved’s own systems and delivered assets directly to the company’s internal technology team.

Creative Social Media Campaigns

Delivered fonts, stationery, digital marketing assets and creative campaigns to support the company’s promotional campaigns.

Full Company Rebrand and Positioning

MSM’s rebrand involved a new name (Software Solved) and a new logo and colour palette to highlight its four new solution areas

The Result

There are already signs of the rebrand’s positive impact. Time on page has increased threefold and bounce rates on the site are down 20%. And the new segmentation into software, mobile, cloud and data has created new markets for MSM Software Solved, extending the range of what they can do. Clients love the brand – and one prospective client who had initially not chosen MSM reported that he would have made a different decision based on the way the company looks now.

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