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Social Media Audit and Reporting

The Client

Hay Group is a global management consulting firm, with over 3,000 employees across 50 counties.

They work with clients from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors in every major industry, helping business leaders reduce costs and improve performance within their organisations.

The Challenge

Already active in social media, Hay Group wanted to answer the question “how are we doing?”.

More specifically, they needed to know how effective their activity was across social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and how it compared against their competitors.

The Solution

To answer this question, we took an in-depth look at Hay Group’s social profiles, examining the organisation’s reach, influence and effectiveness.

The social media audit also looked at seven of Hay Group’s key competitors, in order to draw valuable conclusions about their positioning and ‘share’ of the conversation.

With the audit complete, we were able to make clear recommendations for Hay Group’s in-house team, ensuring best practice across their social media communications and how to get the most value

“With the clarity that HoneyBe Creative provided, we now know how to refine our social media activity and get the best value from it for Hay Group." Octavia Wolton, Head of Brand Communications



Social Media Platforms

Social Media Audit

Social media insights that improve ROI


Comprehensive Social Media Audit

Powerful social media analytics and reporting that helped Hay Group understand their position and how to improve their social media activity.

Key Competitor Analysis

Hay Group’s competitors were also analysed, providing clear industry benchmarks whilst identifying opportunities and threats within social media.


Social Media Strategy

Data-driven insight that helped Hay Group develop their social media activity, adapt their strategy and support their business growth online.

HoneyBe Creative - Social Media Audit and Reporting

The Result

The audit gave Hay Group’s brand team a detailed picture of the organisation’s position across all of their social media platforms, with clear recommendations for action.

From this, Hay Group had a clear direction where they should alter their strategy and tweak how they used a particular platform, aligning it more closely to their core audience’s behaviours and expectations.

Having identified their metrics and KPIs, the business was able to establish their true ROI from social media, which proved to be a valuable and incisive exercise for Hay Group.

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