Social Media Lead Generation

The Client

Advanced Business Solutions (now simply Advanced) are the UK’s third largest provider of business software and services, delivering enterprise and market-focused solutions.

With a £220m turnover, 20,000 customers and 2,000 employees, Advanced are at the forefront of the software industry, providing solutions used by millions of people throughout the UK.

The Challenge

Advanced Business Solutions initially approached HoneyBe Creative for our consultancy services and advice on social media communications, platforms and analytics.

They wanted to know exactly how they were performing on social media and, most importantly, how it could be effectively used to extend their reach and increase sales.

The Solution

Whilst many initially disregarded social media for B2B organisations, we were quick to identify how powerful it could be for sales as part of a lead generation tool.

Our first priority was to audit Advanced’s current social activity, identifying how they were using social media and the role it played in their sales funnel.

We also monitored their competitors, which provided valuable industry benchmarks whilst revealing how they were interacting with their customer base.

Once we had a clear idea of how Advanced were performing, we analysed their industry keywords and used ‘social listening’ to reveal opportunities to broaden their sales leads.

The strategy behind social media lead generation

Social Media Audits

An audit that went into forensic detail, revealing how Advanced Business Solutions could use social media more effectively to extend reach and increase sales.

Social Listening

Powerful social listening and monitoring that identified the topics and conversations that mattered to their audience and, more importantly, where they were happening.

Social Media Lead Generation

Insight that identified the key sites, blogs and social networks that would lead to a broader pool of sales leads.

The Result

Armed with an understanding of how they were performing, Advanced Business Solutions were able to improve their social media activity and plan their future strategy. Our reports helped them identify new platforms, new websites and new audiences that would develop their sales pool and build credible B2B leads.

The exercise and process proved to be a valuable one for Advanced Business Solutions, as our audit and reports formed the foundation for their future sales campaigns and made social media an effective part of their lead generation strategy.

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