Website Design for B2B Firm

The Client

Bovey Construction is a firm of 30 skilled construction specialists and builders, based in Devon. They specialise in quality home construction and restoration projects.

They have built a reputation for delivering excellence in landmark domestic properties and are the partner of choice for many of Devon’s architects.

The Challenge

Bovey Construction operate in a competitive B2B marketplace, where they need to stand out and establish their position as the leading construction specialist in Devon.

To appeal to their target market of architectural firms, they needed a highly visual portfolio website that stood out, engaged readers and showcased the excellent work that they do.

The Solution

The solution was a brand new website, which pushed their brand to the forefront of their industry, with a contemporary style that highlighted their capabilities.

The website was fully responsive for mobile and tablet devices, with a slick and visually appealing interface across all sizes.

In addition to the striking portfolio, the website included information about the firm, team pages and testimonials, with calls to action throughout the site.

This project also included a full upload of all content, which included porting nearly 50 individual case studies, each with multiple images and long-form copy, saving the client valuable time.

Full website design and development

Fully Responsive

Like all of the websites we build, the Bovey Construction site was fully responsive, looking beautiful across all devices.

Portfolio Website

A highly visual portfolio website, which helped attract and engage audiences and provided a platform for Bovey Construction to display their industry-leading work.

Calls to Action

Persistent calls to action that helped guide the audience through the website and push them towards contacting the sales team, helping Bovey Construction generate more enquiries and leads.

The Result

Whilst it’s still early in the website’s life cycle, it has already made an impression – both internally and externally. The Managing Director commented on the steady stream of compliments the new website received, all of which indicate it has helped demonstrate their capabilities in a highly creative and competitive field.

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